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Training is offered for all clients. Each training program is specifically tailored to you and your horse. All training rides are done by head trainer Nicole.

Each riding session is approached with a specific goal in mind. Whether it is to achieve a quiet and relaxed trot for the greener horse or tackling a more complex gymnastic combination for the seasoned competitor all horses are trained in a relaxed, yet demanding fashion that will accomplish the best results. Horses are never "roughed up" or "man-handled" to achieve goals. They are taught to be mindful of their human counterparts with a firm yet forgiving hand that result in a respectful, pleasant horse. 

Experience with young and unbroken horses, stallions (at your property only), hunter/jumpers, lower level dressage, and western pleasure. 

 Full Training $400 a month 

20 rides a month

mane kept tidy 

basic clipping

Full Training with 1 lesson a week $540

Half Training $250 a month 

10 rides a month

Half Training with 1 lesson a week $390

 Also available to come to your farm for training 

 Off PropertyTraining
$35 per ride

Any combination of the above can be made and priced accordingly for you.

Mileage will be charged on anything over 15 miles one way at $.50 per mile  (subject to change with gas prices rounded to nearest dollar )

Mileage charge will be split for more then one horse in training or if you have a friend or family member in the same barn or within 5 miles of your barn who would also like training  so days can be coordinated  to reduce mileage.

Pictures: Above: Nicole Thompson and "Irish Rebel" 3' first year hunters (MHJA B) Middle: Nicole Thompson and "Irish Rebel" 2'9" Training Jumpers (MHJA B) Bottom: Nicole Thompson and I'm Silk Supreme (BHAM show at MSU)


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