Fox Run Training


Basic Rates:

Lessons: $40 ( please see Lessons page)

Training: $30 ( Please see training page)

Leases: Please see lease page for rates

Show Rates:

Trainer Fee : $50 per day 4+ riders ( Plus expenses split between riders)

                       $65 Per day 1-3 riders ( Plus expenses split between riders)

Horse lease fee: $65 per day 1-3 day show

                             $50 per day 4+ day show.

Training ride at show: $35 per day

Day care: $25 Per day ( Includes feeding, cleaning stall, wrapping, hand walking)

Set up/tear down: $15  each. ( Includes shipping horse, setting up stall, unpacking equipment, packing equipment, and shipping horse. fee waived if rider helps)

Equipment fee: $5 per horse ( Includes ring supplies, washing supplies, tack cleaner, tack stall equipment)

Grooming Rates:

Groom and tack horse for lesson: $5

Groom and Tack horse for show: $15 

Braid: $35

Mane pull: $25

Show clip: $15 ( ears, muzzle, legs)

Trace Clip : $45

Body Clip: $100