Fox Run Training


Fox Run Training is proud to now offer leasing to its students. All leasers must be students at Fox Run Training. Our unique program offers students the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of horse owner ship. Our students will be setting goals for the next year and working with their horse and trainer to achieve those goals. There are several lease options available to suit every ones wants and needs. Each option offers a different level of involvement and learning experience.

All horses are ridden by the trainer as needed to keep them moving forward and to ensure the best ride for the rider. 

#1 Half Lease $450

 This lease will include the following. 

1 lesson a week

Use of the horse 3 days a week

This horse may be leased to another rider at the same time. If this happens riders will ride on different days. 

 #2 Full

# 3 Show Lease $1,000

This lease will include the following

2 lessons a week

1, 3 day show a month (Does not include trainer fees or expenses.)